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Helping your venue get more enquiries, convert more business and delight more wedding clients.


What I do

I work with unique venues, historic houses, places and spaces to help them thrive by hosting more and better weddings within the modern bridal market. Through my consulting and training programmes designed and written especially for venues, I empower you to learn, to modernise your offering, to take decisive action and to see results.

is this you?

  • You and your team are working hard to attract and deliver your current wedding business. You’re finding your wedding enquiry levels have dipped year on year and your new enquiries are just not of great quality so you don’t have an optimistic pipeline you’re confident of.
  • You are probably experiencing lower conversion rates from show round to booking which historically would produce great results.
  • Perhaps you’re filling more discounted dates and struggling with resulting unsatisfying business.
  • You recognise that the market has changed but you aren’t quite sure how or what do about it – you need a knowledge and confidence boost either for yourself or for your wedding team to re-energise and power-up, to seek out more new business as well as delight and upsell to existing clients.
  • Maybe you're doing really well and want to ensure your venue remains a leading light, keeping your team aiming high and looking at ways you can grow by increasing revenue or entering new markets?

I have a solution

What is SHINE? What do you gain?

After delivering multiple sell-out in-person SHINE workshops for 3 years, I’ve got the message that more venues want to up-level and access my knowledge. With your busy schedule and travel & geography factors, I’m delighted to have created an online version of this highly popular training.


The SHINE training programme is designed to make your venue offering irresistible and attract the business you desire. By taking the time to understand the millennial bridal customer in detail, the programme educates and empowers you to update your offering both operationally and in terms of sales and marketing approaches. Written and delivered especially with venues in mind, it’s filled with practical tried and tested strategies and ideas which your team will want to implement to experience wedding business growth.


SHINE is a remote distance learning programme delivered online in 10 individual training video modules (giving over 4 hours of invaluable content) that you can watch at your own pace, in your own time and in a location of your choosing.


You can share it amongst your entire wedding team so that everyone can benefit from the advice and play a part in implementing the learnings. All of this without wasted travel time and days away from the office.


It’s supported with downloadable substantial written training notes.


A bonus remote live session on producing an outstanding wedding showcase is included as well as 2 exciting guest speaker modules on working with professional bloggers and producing impactful visuals.

SHINE on-line training What’s the investment?

A one-off payment of £997 plus VAT.


Enrollment to SHINE is now closed for a summer break. Watch this space for details of it re-opening in the autumn.


If you have questions, do send them over by emailing me or calling on + 44 (0) 1483 282858.

kind words

Thank you very much for a very inspirational day on Friday. Stacey and I have both utterly enjoyed your course. Our heads were buzzing with ‘to-do lists’ at lunch time, and my mind will not be at rest until we have implemented some of our learnings!

Bénédicte Montain

Head of Events and Corporate Membership, Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archeology

Very very happy that I could follow the SHINE training: as a trained marketeer, I loved Kelly's factual approach (loved all your figures). You are a lady who knows her business, but equally all the more emotional aspects of a wedding that are even more important. Great work Kelly, I came out more knowledgeable, energised and inspired. Thank you !

Anita Deses

Chateau De Redon, France

I attended Kelly’s Wedding Training programme with the rest of our team. She was absolutely fantastic! I cannot recommend her enough. Her programme was personalised, offered expert insight as well as invaluable advice and knowledge. Kelly is a very personable teacher and her simple but effective ideas have really changed my perspective on the Wedding Industry! Thank you so much for such an incredible, insightful and engaging day.

Josephine Allison

Historic Royal Palaces

The SHINE programme is perfect for you if:

  • 1 You recognise the need to modernise and make updates to your venue's offering but aren’t sure where to start or what to focus on
  • 2 You are working with tight budgets (who isn’t?) and need to know where to allocate time and money to achieve results to drive your wedding business in the right direction
  • 3 Want to empower yourself or your team with confidence, enthusiasm and detailed industry knowledge that you can project to your couples to help sell more effectively and naturally as well as deliver the right services to happy customers




Kelly Chandler has been at the vanguard of the wedding industry since 2003, and has grown her award-winning independent wedding planning business, The Bespoke Wedding Company, to become one of the UK’s most respected independent wedding and event planning companies. Kelly Chandler Consulting has developed organically from the demands of wedding venues regularly seeking Kelly’s sound business strategy, marketing and operations advice to improve their wedding offering.

Kelly is a well-regarded innovator, mentor, trainer and industry spokesperson on and in the wedding business, an ambassador for industry body, The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, as well as a Judge for The Wedding Industry Awards. She’s passionate about helping special places and spaces achieve greater commercial success and happier customers through a range of services from one to one consulting, training, marketing events and more.


meet Kelly

The SHINE Programme What topics will you learn?

Module 1 Introduction to the Bridal Market Landscape

This module covers some key customer behaviours and desires that run through the entire planning of a wedding, as well as insight into wedding spending and how wedding professionals are found by the millennial couple.

Module 2 Key Wedding Trends

A detailed look at key trends in wedding scheduling, wedding etiquette and the latest wedding ideas directly relevant to your venue with ideas on how to tap into those and make your venue stand out.

Module 3 Under-used venue marketing ideas for weddings

A walk through powerful marketing strategies that I see as being currently under-used by wedding venues and where great opportunity exists.

Module 4 Bridal psychology and using it to your venue’s advantage

This model takes a look into understanding the unique client type associated with a wedding and bridal psychology, with some do’s and do’s of working with clients in the wedding market.

Module 5 Designing a spot-on wedding offering

Practical tips and techniques for putting together and/or updating your wedding offering including a compelling website, brochure and other materials targeted at your ideal client.

Module 6 The customer’s journey

From the first enquiry to waving them off at the end of the night, this module covers how best to manage your relationship with the couple to achieve happy customers and a happy you. Includes the enquiry process, showrounds and your wedding pack.

Module 7 Working with Independent Wedding Planners

For some venues, developing relationships with independent wedding planners is a smart business strategy. Whatever your approach, this module walks you through the ways independent planners work and how this might work for your venue.

Module 8 What Do Couples Really Spend?

A detailed look at a wedding budget spreadsheet and how the typical wedding budget breaks down and how much of it is available to your venue.

Module 9 Nurturing Your Dream Team

This module focuses on the importance of partnering with the right suppliers at the right price point and getting the best from your supplier partner relationships – vital in the modern wedding industry.

Module 10 Repeat business

Perhaps a strange title in such a “one-off” industry. This module covers how to look for further business opportunities in the wedding market where customer satisfaction is key.

Bonus Module

Remote Live Session Wedding Showcases

Your how-to guide to designing and organising a well-attended and stand-out wedding showcase to drive more and better business to you. This will be scheduled as a remote live 1 hour session that I hope as many students as possible will be able to join. There will be a recorded playback so you will not miss out.

Guest Experts

I’m a big believer in collaboration and learning from the expertise of others and I think you’ll love learning from these two wedding industry entrepreneurs and creatives who I’m proud are part of the SHINE online training programme.

Louise Beukes Professional bloggers, editorial coverage and your venue

Louise is the founder of award-winning wedding & lifestyle blog B.LOVED and the B.LOVED Hive, a community and resource for ambitious wedding pros. With 7 years of experience as a blogger, there’s nothing Louise doesn’t know about how to make it in the wedding industry. B.LOVED now reaches over 125,000 readers per month, inspiring brides with editorial and real wedding content curated by her expert team.

These days, Louise will most often be found at her latest venture, The Hive – a hub of business advice, coaching, and the wedding industry’s first dedicated studio space in London. With a signature straight talking approach, Louise is dedicated to supporting wedding professionals by equipping them with practical skills to build a thriving business.

Louise brings her editorial and business savvy to this course, helping you to breathe new life into your blogger relationships & editorial coverage.

Kate Nielen Fine Art Photography

Kate is an internationally acclaimed luxury Fine Art Wedding Photographer based in London, UK.

She travels the world to photograph beautiful weddings, spectacular events and gorgeous editorial commissions with her distinctive dreamy, cinematic style.

Her gentle, fine art editorial approach creates timeless, luminous images that prove a firm favourite with both print magazines and online blogs.

Kate shares insight in this module into establishing and maintaining all-important relationships with photographers, helping you & your venue to create feature-worthy editorial content.

rave reviews

Many thanks for the training day last Friday. I am naturally cynical about these sorts of things so I was interested to see if at the end of the day I would walk away feeling there had been any genuine value add or not. In short, it was more than worth every penny. The day spent with you crystallised my thoughts around our next moves to grow the business, provided some well needed "wedding venue owner therapy" and was extraordinarily informative in focussing my mind on the unique sales psychology in the wedding market. I genuinely can't thank you enough, an incredibly useful day.

Chris Snell

The Tournerbury Woods Estate

Kelly spent a day training our entire customer facing team alongside the owners. This time was invaluable as we managed to overcome many issues that had previously belonged in the "too hard" basket as we had failed to fully recognise their importance in the sales outcomes. Another hugely valuable outcome of this day was to appreciate each team members value to the Fort and gain better understanding of the extensive nature of their roles within the team. Having every member present has proved essential as we commence rolling out the action plan developed after Kelly's workshop as the team recognise the need to change to continue being successful.

Sarah Turpitt

General Manager, Polhawn Fort

If you have questions, do send them over by emailing me or calling on + 44 (0) 1483 282858.

Sound good?

If you’re keen to get started on all this material then once paid you can download all the modules immediately and dive on in to the content soaking them up all at once or taking your time as your team schedule allows. There is over 4 hours of video content I’m delighted to share with you. You can pause and revisit at any time with your own unique log-in. There is only one time limit to be aware of- your access will expire after 9 months from the date of purchase.


A one-off payment of £997 plus VAT.

Enrollment to SHINE is now closed for a summer break. Watch this space for details of it re-opening in the autumn.


If you have questions, do send them over by emailing me or calling on + 44 (0) 1483 282858.

a final note

I’m passionate about the wedding market and making beautiful unique properties shine brightly in it and delight their clients whilst hitting their business goals. I’m an action taker, collaborator and do-er and I’m excited to be able to share my knowledge of over 15 years immersed in wedding planning and wedding venues to a much wider audience here with the SHINE online programme for wedding venues. I look forward to seeing you there!

If you have questions, do send them over by emailing me or calling on + 44 (0) 1483 282858.

If you’re ready to sign up, you can do that here

Photos taken by Kate Nielen at a SHINE Workshop at the BLoved Hive, London.
Florals by Emma Soulsby and paper goods by Ananya Cards.
Film by Story of Your Day

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